Catholic Cardinal Reflections Podcast

Featuring Sunday homilies, lectures from classes, Newman Nights and other events as well as special celebrations such as baptisms.

Catholic News

  • “The Pope App” is the official gateway to the latest news about Pope Francis. It includes upcoming events, speeches, homilies, tweets, videos, etc. Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian.
  • “Catholic News” is an app provided by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. It provides the latest news, videos. (See your app store: Catholic News)
  • “Salt and Light” is a Canadian website and app, providing news, radio, live TV, documentaries and more. (See your app store: Salt and Light)
  • America Magazine offers a view of the world with current commentary and theological reflections from a Jesuit perspective.
  • National Catholic Reporter is an independent Catholic Newspaper covering Catholic news from the US and from around the world.

Dominican Apps

“iDoms Portal” and “Dominican App” are apps for the Dominican Order includes homilies, videos, articles, the Liturgy of the Hours, homilies, reflections on scripture and more. (See your app store: iDoms Portal OR Dominican App)