Grad Dinner and Discussion

Grad Students and Young Adults Professionals

Dinner and Discussion, our flagship series, is a forum for graduate students and young adults that fosters community and open discussion of relevant issues impacting Catholics while sharing a meal. Join us on Monday nights at 7pm at the GCC.


Exploring Catholicism 2019-2020

Who is it for?

  1. Those who are curious about the Catholic faith
  2. Those who want to become Catholic
  3. Catholics who want to Confirmation
  4. Catholics who want to learn more from an adult perspective

RCIA means?

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults. While primarily for those who wish to become Catholic we have extended it to all explorers and learners.

Time & Place?

Tuesday nights at 7:30. Building 100, Room 101k. (If you were leaving Memorial Church's main doors, Builindg 100 is diagonal to the church on the left west corner. It is the Philosophy Builing.) Begins Sept 24, 2019

Doesn’t fit my schedule.

Contact Fr. Xavier. Special arrangements will always be made.

I have to miss classes.

You can always set up with Fr. Xavier a special review time that meets your calendar.

How do I register?

Just show up!

What is RCIA?

It is more than just a class, but a spiritual journey exploring the Catholic faith. It is a process of prayer, reflection, study, discussion and individual spiritual direction. Because of people’s busy schedules, reading is kept to a minimum, while resources for further exploration is provided. You will have the opportunity to develop a personal spirituality.


Contact Fr. Xavier at 650 291-4590 or email him at

Course Outline (pdf)


Typically those Catholics wishing to be confirmed should join the RCIA (see above), but because everyone’s background, experience and knowledge is different, the RCIA will be adjusted to your individual needs. Please set up an appointment with Fr. Xavier (650 291-4590) to create the best class for you!

Confirmation isn’t just receiving a sacrament; it gives birth to a new way of living. One important component of the process are one-on-one meetings with Fr. Xavier or one of the available staff.

If we live by the Spirit, let us also walk by the Spirit.
— Gal. 5:25