CC@S has given me a home away from home at Stanford. It’s where I find my best friends, spiritual mentors, study buddies, church buddies, and my greatest encouragers. They have challenged me to take on new perspectives, dive deeper into my faith, and share the love of God with all those around me. CC@S has helped my faith come alive at Stanford.
— Kaitlin Schroeder '19

Separating Fact and Fiction About Clergy Sexual Abuse

TEDx talk by Thomas G. Plante, Ph. D., ABPP

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Mass Times

Sunday Mass

10:30am in Old Union 3rd floor Sanctuary
(take the elevator from the lobby)
4:30pm in Memorial Church
No 10 PM Mass

Sunday Aug 25
Morning Mass at different time and place
(see details)

Daily Mass (summer)
Mon through Fri at 12:20pm in Memorial Church

Thursday Aug 15 (Assumption)
8:00am and 12:20pm in Memorial Church


10:00am–10:20am - Old Union 3rd floor
3:45pm–4:15pm - Memorial Church vestibule

By appointment

Eucharistic Adoration

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