Welcome to the Undergraduate Catholic Student Association! Formerly CC@S, UCSA is a community of undergraduate students who share in faith and fellowship through small groups, service, events and retreats. UCSA is a registered student organization in the Associated Students of Stanford University (ASSU).

All undergraduate students are welcome, whether you’ve never participated before or are on the 3rd floor of Old Union every day. Make sure to subscribe to our mailing list to be updated on all of our upcoming events.

Upcoming Events


Catholic Leadership Team (CLT) and Freshman Catholic Leadership Team (FCLT)

CLT is our student leadership council. The CLT consists of student volunteers who share their gifts with our community. They are the hands and feet of the Catholic ministry here at Stanford, planning spiritual, educational and social events to help students build community and grow in their faith.

Starting in winter quarter, incoming freshmen will be able to apply to be part of our Freshmen Catholic Leadership Team. Hear more about past freshmen’s experience with FCLT here.

If you would like to get involved by developing your leadership skills and sharing your gifts with the Stanford community, contact our Campus Minister, Lourdes Alonso (lalonso@stanford.edu).

Sarah Abalos | Spring Retreat Coordinator

I'm a senior from San Jose majoring in Architectural Design. Growing up attending Mass at a Carmelite monastery, I fell in love with the idea of seeking God through the “interior life,” and I hope to share that experience with others. In my spare time, I enjoy playing piano, cooking, and writing, but my thoughts are otherwise occupied with dreams of becoming an ecclesiastical architect.


Emelyn Avina | Fellowship/Social Event Coordinator

I come from the beautiful Palm Springs, CA, where the sky has not a cloud in sight, sunshine is abundant, and the hot desert stretches for miles. The area is known for its lush golf courses (despite the drought), retirees, and Coachella Music Festival. I study Political Science and Economics. I love ballroom dancing, breakfast, and super hero movies/tv shows. You can typically find me reading, flying kites, or petting dogs, among other things!


Natalie Baker | Interfaith Outreach Coordinator

I enjoy all things outdoors: backpacking, sea kayaking, rock climbing, you name it. I also like horseback riding and currently ride on the Stanford equestrian team. The Red Barn always provides a welcome breather from the fast paced life on main campus. As a prospective biology major, I'm interested in environmental science as well as medicine, and currently work in a stem cell lab on campus. I plan on getting my EMT certification in the near future!


Maria Barba | Kitchen Manager

Hi! Coming from the small town of Lockeford, California, I am a human biology major hoping to be a high school teacher! (But I secretly want to be a baker.) I am obsessed with coffee and latte art—a skill I am trying to master. During my free time, I love reading teen & classic novels and binge-watching TV shows. I’m excited to spend my last year at Stanford with this wonderful group of people!


Ben Beltran | FCLT Co-Coordinator

I am from a small town in Northern California called Nevada City, and I'm looking to major in electrical engineering. This year, I'm the director of Alumni Relations in Stanford in Government, and now co-leading FCLT. As a member of CLT, I hope to inspire an inclusive Catholic community through mentorship.


Vivian Nguyen | FCLT Co-Coordinator

I was born and raised in LA where I live with my parents, my older brother, and my old pup. Here at Stanford, I intend on majoring in human biology while pursuing my interests in children's health and design. Some of my favorite things include playing volleyball, browsing bookstores, visiting museums or galleries, and making videos with my GoPro. When I'm not taking my peachy beach cruiser to class or finding new study spots on our beautiful campus, you can find me at Mass, enjoying the outdoors, cuddling up with a good book, or creating memories with friends! (Or sleeping.. I do that sometimes too.) I feel incredibly blessed and excited to grow in my faith and friendships alongside the Catholic Community during my Stanford journey!


Walker Brown | Promotion/Marketing Lead


I am from Laredo, Texas, where I grew up in a predominantly Catholic family that functioned as the cornerstone of my faith. I hope to major in Communications and minor in Economics. I am Co-President of Stanford Students in Entertainment and Cardinal Studios. In my spare time, I enjoy watching television shows (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Arrow, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and House of Cards are some of my favorites) and movies, as well as spending time with friends and experiencing life in northern California.


Danielle DeVera | Community Night Coordinator

I grew up in the small town of Fallbrook, California where I learned so much about life. I thrive off of the love and support of my closest friends and family. I will be studying Management Science and Engineering here at Stanford and I hope to make a positive impact on the Catholic community during my time here.


Kelley Gomez | Vice President & Upperclassman Engagement Lead

I’m a senior majoring in Product Design and have been on CLT since 2015. You can always find me at 10 p.m. mass, at one of our many events, or through the window of the PRL (the machine shop) working on a project. In my abundant free time, I catch up on my reading, explore local eateries, and experiment with baking and cooking! Most importantly, CLT has become my family at Stanford and I am always excited to share, celebrate and grow our faith and community.


Katie Hufker | Financial Officer

Hi. My family, which includes my parents, a twin sister, two younger brothers, and a dog, is from St. Louis, Missouri. I'm currently a junior studying computer science with an emphasis in biocomputation. I'm very excited for my second year on CLT! Aside from CLT, I'm also active with Kids with Dreams and the Band. In my free time I enjoy hanging out with friends and spending time exploring the outdoors.


Rosie La Puma | President

I'm a senior majoring in International Relations. You may have run into me singing at the 4:30 Sunday mass, or received my weekly email from “Virginia Rose”. Favorite pastimes include playing viola, binge watching on Netflix, knitting fingerless gloves and talking for too long about Catholic Social Teaching. Over the past three years, the Catholic community has become the heart of my new home here at Stanford, and I hope it can become that for you too.


Kaitlin Schroeder | Social Justice and Service Co­Chair

Hi! I’m a sophomore here on the Farm, studying Human Biology with a minor in French. I was born and raised in NJ with my five siblings, but I love spending the school year here in sunny CA. At Stanford I’m involved in Design for America and the Google CS First initiative. Other things I like include brownies, running, the PRL, comfy socks, and fountain hopping. Get excited for plenty of fun service and outreach events to come!


Isabela Bumanlag | Social Justice and Service Co­Chair

Hi y'all! Originally from southern Philippines, I've been calling the Rio Grande Valley (South Texas) home since elementary. Where I'm from, there's a plenty of delicious Tex-Mex food, beaches, and sunny days. I'm a writer for the Stanford Daily and a part of PASU, the Filipino student association on campus. I am passionate about global health, Catholic theology, biology, and (corny) detective shows. I am always down for heart-to-heart talks and meeting new friends, as long as snacks are involved. :)


Ethan Williams | Spirituality/Theology Chair

I’m a senior pursuing dual degrees in geophysics and music, and have been a member of the Catholic Leadership Team since 2014. After graduating, I’m planning to undertake a PhD in geophysics, focusing on reflection seismology, an earth imaging technique. I am the organist at Our Lady of the Wayside Catholic Church in Portola Valley, CA and hope to continue working part time in music ministry while in graduate school.

About FCLT

The Freshmen Catholic Leadership Team (FCLT) is a group of Catholic freshman leaders who work in conjunction with CLT (upperclass) to drive CC@S towards its undergraduate mission. As a member of FCLT, you'll meet regularly with other Catholic freshmen to plan events and programs, developing longstanding traditions and kickstarting new initiatives. This is your chance to make a difference in our community!

Contact FCLT Co-Coordinators Ben Beltran (bbeltran@stanford.edu) and Vivian Nguyen (viixvii@stanford.edu) for more information.

“I grew up in Laredo, Texas, where catholicism plays a large role in the community at large. Coming to a campus with a different culture and approach to religion was a culture shock for me. FCLT proved to be my saving grace and provided me with a group of friends who are strong in their faith and friendship. While my family has always been my religious anchor, I found that FCLT functions as a way to not only keep me close to God but to ensure that my relationship with Him grows as I grow” —Walker Brown

“For me, one of the most important ways to survive college is to find a campus community to be a part of - this is what the Catholic community at Stanford (CC@S) and the Freshman Catholic Leadership Team (FCLT) has done for me. We were able to grow in faith as a group, and find ways to share with others through different events. It was a great opportunity to meet other students who shared my faith and values, and I look forward to staying involved.” —Astrid Marie Casimire

“FCLT has been one of the best groups that I've been a part of since coming to Stanford's campus. I knew that coming into a campus like Stanford, where being Catholic is contrary to what many students believe, I was uncomfortable at times expressing my faith. FCLT gave me an opportunity to meet other like-minded Freshmen who are motivated and fervent in what they believe. I got to meet incredible new students and made new friends that I hope to keep throughout my time at Stanford.”
—Ben Beltran