A community, a family, a home — that is what CC@S is to me
— Kelley Gomez, '17

Called to Act with Justice

Catholic responses to immigration and refugees

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What does the Bible say about helping refugees, migrants and foreigners?

Fr. James Martin, SJ
America Magazine

Mass Times

10:30am in Tresidder Union Oak Room
4:30pm and 10pm in Memorial Church

Mass in Spanish - March 5
3:00pm in Memorial Church

Daily Mass
M, T, W, F at 12:20pm in Memorial Church
Th at 12:20pm in Old Union CIRCLE Sanctuary
- NO 12:20pm Mass on Ash Wednesday, March 1


9:45am–10:15am - Priest's office *
4:00pm–4:20pm - Memorial Church

9:30pm–10:30pm - Priest’s office *

2:00pm–3:00pm - Priest’s office *

* Old Union room 304 or 319